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TokenNews Reception Party 9/30

by tokennews

On September 30, 2017, Token News HK Ltd. held its opening party. The event was attended by our stakeholders and various supporting parties that have enabled us to reach this stage in our development. The goal of Token News is contribute to the development of blockchain technology by supporting investors with information concerning regulation, potential business developments, and other exciting topics. We also host presentations on up-and-coming projects, such as interviews with start-up team members and think pieces. TokenNews will regularly upload valuable information in the hopes of providing stakeholders with the latest in investment news. Using the momentum of this succesful opening perty, we will push forward with providing ever more detailed and prevalent articles. Thanks for your continued enthusiasm and support!

Takashi Komine of TMI Comprehensive Law Office (located in Hong Kong) was invited as a special guest of the event. TMI Comprehensive Law Office is a law firm based in Hong Kong that has been focusing on recent regulatory issues surrounding the cryptocurrency industry, as well as legal interpretation of cryptocurrency regulation in Hong Kong. Mr. Komine explained the current state of the blockchain industry in Hong Kong and the implications thereof.
Our next major event will be held in October – we plan to hold regular meetups at the Hong Kong office to meet and discuss technical, legal and financial issues related to blockchain. If you are interested in attending, please do contact us through the following channel.