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Interview with HelloGold CEO

by tokennews

HelloGold provides a new and user-friendly mobile application for Gold Trading.
We have recently interviewed Mr. Robin Lee, the CEO of HelloGold, at ourTokenNews head office.
HelloGold features on the tokenization of the real assets – Gold.
“The blockchain technology has just started a revolution.” He believed this marks only the beginning of a new business format. Mr. Lee shared with us the vision of HelloGold, his insights on the cryptocurrency market and the prospect of HelloGold in the future.

What is the objective of HelloGold? What kind of environment do you aim to achieve?
We believe the amount of money you have in the wallet should not be a barrier to the entry for you to get access to financial products. There are too many financial services that set a high bar that prevents the man in the street to enjoy the same financial products that are available only to the rich and people in developed markets. So we wanted to democratize through digitalization of financial products for ordinary person starting with gold. We want to basically use a digital version of Gold to enable people to save better, to get access to more affordable loans and transfer wealth across the borders to their friends and family.
What are the advantage and difference of HelloGold compared to the others in the market?
First of all, you have to understand the gold market. There is more than 7 trillion dollars worth of gold above ground. The largest gold fund has 35 billion dollars of assets. The supply is more than enough for everyone, so as gold-backed token. We provide the choice of gold-backed token to mass market. Our approach to the market is focus on addressing the needs and issues the man in the street faces. Our whole value proposition is about financial inclusion, ensuring everyone can participate and enjoy all advantages of cryptocurrencies. Our application development is targeted to enable everyone has an easy access just as opening an app. We focus on creating the access point to the crypto-community in an user-friendly way in all of our projects.
Can you share with us any other project or application you planned to launch?
We have very clear ambition in our business plans. We are starting with gold, because everyone typically understands gold. But once we launched our gold-back tokens and stablized, we will start looking at other assets – real assets. We have ambitions to launch products that currently only available to the rich but make it available for the mass market. So we take the precious metal like platinum, silver, commodities like oil, wheat etc. Things that we believe will be beneficial to our target market. We want to create the tokenized version of these assets. We will still keep our brand name as HelloGold. And these real assets are physically backed by the assets themselves in a central location.
What consumer market are you aiming at? How about Japan?
HelloGold primarily focused on the mass market in emerging markets. Our core focus is expanding out of Malaysia, Southeast Asia, China and beyond these, to the market like Japan. Japan is an emerging market in a developed economy. We understand Japanese consumers like gold and real assets. We want to explore the opportunity of going into a big market like Japan over the next few years.
How do you see the future of cryptocurrency?
The future of cryptocurrency is very bright. I believe the blockchain technology marks the start of the revolution. Like the internet has just started in 1995-1996, everyone has huge dreams about the internet but the environment and technology was not ready. It took a long time to develop. In 1996, Steven Jobs has talked about how internet can destruct big companies like Microsoft.
Everyone, no matter how small they are can act like a big company in e-commerce. It took longer than expected but it is happening. Internet is impacting the whole world. I believe the blockchain today is where the internet was in 1995. We are only at the beginning. As blockchain technology becomes more mature, you can see the material and fundamental impact on business over the next 5-10 years.
On cryptocurrency, people are seeing the high return you can get out of Bitcoin, Ether and other tokens. You are seeing the start of an interesting investment class of high return high risk assets. This will continue to evolve over time. The issue with regulation is genuinely good. Regulations are important to protect ordinary investors. This is good for the community as well as encouraging good ICO projects and removing the risk of bad ICO projects coming into the market.
How do you see the impact of recent Bitcoin activities?
There are a lot of competing interests in this space. There is no real direct impact on HelloGold. Whereas, once we launch our gold-back token, or in the future other real assets being tokenized, we will have a portfolio of stable coins that people will be able to diversify into. These stable coins (backed by gold, silver, oil etc)will become the risk-free end of the cryptocurrency spectrum. Then you will have high risk high return, medium risk, low risk low return tokens available in your spectrum.
Thank you for coming today. Do you have any comment for TokenNews?
TokenNews is incredibly supportive since we first started the project. Our presale is very successful with the help of TokenNews, reaching a broad base of token supporters. We continue to engage with TokenNews for a long-term relationship. We have token sales coming next few years and we want to broaden our support base. Also we can inform our supporters on what is happening with HelloGold through TokenNews. We appreciate the feedback from our supporters as the market evolved and give us recommendation so that we can serve the community at large.