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Amazon Bought Domain Names Related To Cryptocurrency

by venus

On October 31, the largest online retailer Amazon.com registered 3 new domain names related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, reported by DomainNameWire. The domains registered are: “amazonethereum.com”, “amazoncryptocurrencies.com”, “amazoncryptocurrency.com”. Meanwhile, Amazon already owned the domain name “amazonbitcoin.com” in 2013, redirecting the visitors to “amazon.com”.

The registration might be a sign that Amazon is preparing to move into the cryptocurrency world or releasing its cryptocurrency. However, referring to a recent CNBC interview with Amazon Pay Vice President Patrick Gauthier, he clarified that Amazon has no current plans to accept payment in cryptocurrency. The purpose of the domain name might is not clear. It might be simply for protection of Amazon’s brand name from unaffiliated parties.