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Blockchain for Wallstreet

by tokennews

Date and time: November 14th, 2017
Venue: New York, USA
Speaker: Ron Quaranta, Pete Harris, Mark Smith, Aidoo
Event Details:
This event is an educational conference on blockchains. Wall Street Block Chain Alliance President Ron Quaranta will present on the current status of blockchain, the prospects for 2018 and beyond.
Specific educational content includes

  • Blockchain for newl financial markets, distributed ledgers, improving smart contracts
  • Solutions for performance, scalability and security
  • How to utilize Smart Contracts (Function, Integration and Security)
  • Blockchain Applications, Encryption Assets, ICO Regulations and Laws
  • Methods and problems for companies integrating blockchain

Examples of financial markets case studies and the magnitude of the impact of virtual currency, will also be covered
Event info: http://www.blockchainforwallstreet.com/#register