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How to Purchase HelloGold

by tokennews

HelloGold is an online platform that allows anyone to purchase or sell gold.
Users can purchase 99.99% pure gold, even in small amounts, thereby allowing individuals with minimal funds to invest.
Link: Basic Analysis of HelloGold

How to Purchase HelloGold

Users can purchase HelloGold on the following exchanges:

HGT Exchanges

· HitBTC
Only listing as of November 8, 2017 – will update as necessary

Purchase HGT on HitBTC

(A HitBTC is necessary) Deposit legal currency such as dollar or euro, or deposit BTC or ETH, etc.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Click Exchange
  2. Enter “HGT” in Instruments
  3. Click Buy
  4. Confirmation screen


HelloGold has two types of tokens: GBT token (Gold Backed Token) and HGT token (HelloGold Token). 1 GBT has the value of 1 g of gold.
HGT token holders can receive GBT tokens as dividends.
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