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High Demand Prompts Japanese Bitcoin Exchange to Seek Partner in Russia

栢森加里矢 CEOはロシア報道機関のRia Novosti氏に東京本社のインタビューで、Quoinex仮想通貨取引所を率いるQuoinexがロシア暗号通貨市場参入を睨んでいると話した。取引所は現在BTC, BCH, ETHを取り扱う。同社は今年9月末に、金融庁から承認をもらった11のうちの一番最初に名乗りを上げた。「先月の取引額は70~80憶ドルにのぼった」と栢森氏は述べ、積極的にロシアへ参入する意欲があることを示した。 参入時に大切なことは、「連邦政府が安定した方針を持つこと、何の準備ができていて、何が足りないのか知ること」と考えを示した。
ロシアの組織団体と当局は、日本で使われている指針・基準を参照して、自国に取り入れるべきである。日本がこの分野においては一歩先んじているので、シンガポールも日本のシステムを参考にしている。現在ロシアは、仮想通貨とICOに対する規制構造に取り組んでいる。プーチン大統領は来年7月までにそれらの指針は施行されるべきで、財務大臣は2月までに経費を算出すると述べている。[:en]A significant Japanese bitcoin exchange is seeking to go into the Russian cryptocurrency market and is looking for a regional partner. The exchange’s CEO states “need is big” and advises Russia to take a look at Japan as a design for cryptocurrency guidelines.
The cryptocurrency exchange Quoinex, is seeking to go into the Russian crypto market, CEO Mike Kayamori informed Russian news outlet Ria Novosti in an interview at the business’s head office in Tokyo today. The exchange presently supports BTC, BCH, and ETH. At the end of September this year, the business turned into one of the very first of eleven in Japan to get approval by the Financial Services Agency (FSA). “ The volume of our deals last month totaled up to 7-8 billion dollars in one month, ” Kayamori exposed, including that his exchange is actively searching for chances in Russia. As for broadening into Russia, Kayamori thinks that “the most crucial thing is for the federal government to be constant, to believe in exactly what readies and exactly what is bad.” He elaborated:
The Russian organizations and russian authorities must merely take a look at Japan, on the existing guidelines and standards, then move them to Russia. Singapore is likewise taking a look at how it is carried out in Japan, since Japan is one action ahead. Currently, the Russian federal government is working on a regulative structure for cryptocurrencies and preliminary coin offerings (ICOs). The guidelines have to be executed by July of next year, inning accordance with a required by president Vladimir Putin. Today, the Deputy Finance Minister announced that the expense must be all set by February.[:]