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ICO information

Company/Organization ZLA PTE LTD Project ZILLA
ICO start 2017.10 ICO end 2017.12
Target 15,000,000 USD Price 500 ZLA / ETH

If you are interested in purchasing ZLA please check the link below.


Concept of ZILLA

ZILLA shares the common vision to create an ICO purchasing platform. ZILLA will act as a gateway for Crypto enthusiasts to easily and safely participate in various vetted ICOs, while also allowing companies to do an ICO more effectively. With more than 1500 ongoing ICOs and counting, it is becoming overwhelming for buyers to keep track, compare, and verify various ICOs. Moreover, the ever growing complexity of the ICO environment for new, would-be crypto enthusiasts is both astounding and paralyzing. No simple consumer-friendly and intuitive platform exists that enables participants to conveniently grasp and compare competing ICOs.

Can ZILLA be self defensive method from fraudulent ICO?

There is no central authority or institution (by design) that is a reference point for new crypto enthusiasts. The discovery of new ICOs remains a challenge. Before the decision is made to participate in an ICO, potential participants must painstakingly learn about how proposed projects will work, investigate the backgrounds and qualifications of the team behind the projects, and understand exactly what they are purchasing. The risk of scams and fake crowdsales undermine the credibility of the sector, and the process of completing KYC requirements for multiple projects is time-consuming. These issues reduce the amount of attention each ICO gets, and as the number of ICOs increases, maximizing exposure for quality ICOs becomes more important.

Why ZILLA makes it easier to join ICO

ZILLA makes the entire process simpler, by providing a unified marketplace for ICO crowdsales. In the same way platforms like Etrade and Ant Financial made the stock market more accessible to the general public, or Alibaba and Amazon make it easy to buy products online, ZILLA brings ICO token crowdsales to regular users in the form of one simple app. Users are presented with a comprehensive list of properly-vetted ICO projects, together with all the information needed to make an informed decision about which projects to participate in. Once a decision has been made, users can participate in their chosen project with a single click.

Function of token

There are two functions to the token.

  • ZLA owner will be paid by ZLA Pte Ltd.
  • If ZLA owner is to conduct ICO through ZILLA platform, 100USD will be discounted for each ZLA token, up to 50% of the fee (1% of the raising fund)


Abasa Phillips (CEO)
Abasa is a payment industry and cryptocurrency veteran that has been involved in bitcoin since 2011. He was the Japan Country Manager for Neovia (now Paysafe), and then went on to cofound blockchain based digital wallet PEGAPAY, payment/marketplace platform PRIMO, and Copyright 2017 @ [ZLA PTE LTD] PR@ZLA.IO 3 now ICO marketplace ZILLA. He speaks English, Japanese, and Chinese and is very skilled at working with regulators to strategically overcome regulatory pitfalls.

Tanvir Shahid
– Blockchain Developer – PRIMO CTO
Tanvir has worked as a software engineer for 13 years. He has built real-time machine learning recommendation engines, and many complex back end team management platforms. He has been a blockchain enthusiast since 2016.
Michael Montague
– Blockchain Developer – Pegapay Cofounder
Michael started his career as a game developer in Tokyo for Rockstar Games and Activision. He has been developing applications on the blockchain since 2012. He is on a mission to use his crypto expertise to make ICOs safe and accessible to everyone.
Harsh Patel
– VC – GGC Partner
Harsh is a Partner at Global Growth Capital (GGC), a pioneering financing solutions provider to technology companies with an AUM of €200m. Prior to founding Global Growth Capital, he headed up Rocket Internet’s Fintech Group. He previously lead the non-US business for Victory Park Capital (VPC), a leading global credit investor in technology businesses with over $4 billion of investments. Prior to joining VPC, Harsh co-headed a $10bn investment portfolio at Abu Dhabi Investment Council with a focus on special situations including venture debt and structured finance.
Kal Gabriel
-Hedge Fund Principal
Kal is currently a Principal and the U.S. Technology Sector Head at AYAL Capital, a Torontobased investment firm. Previously, Gabriel co-managed a $10bn venture capital, growth equity, and public equity portfolio for Abu Dhabi Investment Council, an investment arm of the government of Abu Dhabi. Gabriel co-founded Arevia Power in 2016, a renewables developer, with financial backing from a private equity sponsor. He authored Dear Kalman in 1999, published by William Morrow. Gabriel is an angel investor and advisor in the blockchain space.

Zilla Competitive Advantage

Although Lykke, Starbase, BitcoinSuisse, or ICOAGE have some similarity to ZILLA, it is complementary to their services. ZILLA is focusing on a consumer-friendly app. As opposed to the other service providers in the sector, it offers ICO participation with one click, manage KYC information easily and compare crowd-vetted and structured ICO information of a plethora of crypto markets.


ZILLA democratizes access to capital and provides greater liquidity to the masses. It enables progress and economic development. One crucial part of the cryptocurrency economy are ICOs. They are currently not accessible to the majority of the population. It is cumbersome to participate in them, and poorly managed entities as well as outright scams are undermining the entire sector. There is no central authority (by design) that provides any safety or legitimacy. ZILLA aims to make the Token Crowdsale economy more accessible and crowd-vetted. The ZILLA platform will only list pre-vetted projects, and will enable less technological savvy users to participate in the token economy. Buying tokens should be as easy as shopping online, and one push token purchase system will democratize the access to a new class of assets.