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Interview with Twitter Crypto Fans about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

by venus

With the increasing popularity of Bitcoin Cash, Token News reached out to the cryptocurrencies supporters on Twitter for their insights on this hot topic.
Many thanks to the following twitter users for their precious contributions
Jason Elliott Bitcoin and information security consultant, investing in Bitcoin since 2013.
Cøbra Co-owner of http://bitcoin.org  & http://bitcointalk.org
Will Christman Software developer, based in Palo Alto California, recently released a cryptocurrency tracking app, involed in cryptocurrency since 2014.
CryptoKid Environmentalist, designer, entrepreneur, based in Canada, believe in Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision to co-create global economic freedom.
1. Would you prefer Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash?
Jason Elliott (J)
I support Bitcoin Cash because I first got interested in Bitcoin in 2013 when it was both a store of value and a means of exchange. The legacy chain has become very hard to transact on the last couple years.
Cobra (C)
Bitcoin is better, Bitcoin Cash doesn’t have any interesting new technology or features.
Will Christman (W)
I have no preference in scaling debates. Because blockchain technologies are so new, there aren’t any clear precedents to go by. This means there is no “right” way of doing things. My only hope is that through experimentation and competition the markets will stay lean and drive innovation.
CryptoKid (K)
I have recently traded my Bitcoin BTC holdings for Bitcoin Cash BCH.
I feel Bitcoin Cash emulates the true intentions of Bitcoin. It encompasses the energy that drew me to Bitcoin and has the ability to transcend majority of the world to new heights.  

2. How do you see Bitcoin Cash?
J: I feel that Bitcoin Cash carries on the original Bitcoin vision better than the coin Blockstream developers are working on.
C: Bitcoin Cash is an altcoin, but it’s a hostile one because it tries to damage the Bitcoin brand and uses the same PoW algorithm to allow miners to switch back and forth between the coins and make Bitcoin blocks even slower.
W: Bitcoin Cash seems to be more focused on becoming a peer-to-peer currency for everyday transactions, while Bitcoin seems to be evolving into a store of value like gold.
K: Bitcoin Cash has the ability to become a globally used, digital payment system that will enable fast and easy transactions, without long transactions times, to high fees.  We have seen this as a luxury with most traditional payer systems, yet crypto currencies, specifically Bitcoin Cash alleviate the need for bank accounts, giving individuals complete control over their own wealth.
3. How do you see it in the near future?
J: It seems like the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem is growing by leaps and bounds and faster than any other cryptocurrency seen before. Every day a new exchange starts trading Bitcoin Cash, trading volumes worldwide are through the roof, and there are tons of wallets that support it. I think we’ll see this ecosystem and infrastructure get stronger and more robust in the coming months.
C: In the near future I think Bitcoin Cash will decline in price, especially after Coinbase gives users access to their BCH. Once that happens Bitcoin Cash will fade away and become irrelevant. It’ll never “become Bitcoin” as their supporters like to say.
W: One of two things will probably happen here. Either these two currencies will prove that they are different enough to coexist or they will end up solving the same problem and the market will decide which lives. I tend to focus more on the long-term success of crypto and not the short-term whims of the market. That being said, I do find the volatile nature of these unregulated markets fascinating.
K: In the future, I see Bitcoin Cash being the most practical and relatable electronic cash system the world has ever seen.  The Development teams supporting BCH, as well as, the market support has been overwhelming. With mining support becoming increasingly more profitable, and merchant and large business adoption taking preference to Bitcoin Cash’s many benefits.

Bitcoin Cash has an opportunity to really put Itself in the forefront of cryptocurrency, becoming the beacon of light that all other coins and blockchains strive to become. Bitcoin speaks to the few, while Bitcoin Cash speaks to the world