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【Interview】PAWEL KUSKOWSKI, Coinfirm CEO talks about the future of Coinfirm

by tokennews

Coinfirm is a UK-based project specializing in anti-money laundering and other compliance systems, launched by experts in the AML/CTF fields.
We have recently interviewed with Mr. Pawel Kuskowski, CEO of Confirm. He shared with us his concepts and insights of Coinfirm.
Mr. Pawel Kuskowski is a leading anti-money laundering specialist, whose resume boasts such institutions as Royal Bank of Scotland (where he served as chief manager of global AML/CTF). He is also the President of Poland Compliance Association. In this interview, he shared with Token News his concepts and insights of Coinfirm.

How do you start Coinfirm? What is the concept behind?

I have spent many years in the traditional financial industry, working with large financial institutions and organizations especially around the requirements on anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing. With the rapid growth of cryptocurrency market, and regulated compliance will be required. That is why we started Coinfirm.

Is there a moment or reason that makes you want to start Coinfirm?

We wanted to start a new company 3 years ago, but there is no interesting space in the traditional finance. While the cryptocurrency space is really exciting when we look at Bitcoin and others. We see great opportunity in this growing space so this is the time to start.

What kind of members are on your team? Do they have similar backgrounds like you do?

Our core members are from mixed backgrounds. They are the experts from different fields like fraud investigation, cryptocurrency market, mining, marketing pr etc. Their experiences in these various fields make us the strongest team.

Do you see any challenges for Coinfirm now?

There are challenges in aspects such as speed of change in technology and projects and the fast growth of our team as we our team members on board grew from 5 to 40 in just 1.5 year.

What is your plan for 2018 and the coming 3 years?

In 2018, we will finalize the projects connected with AMLT in January. We want to grow a network of members as it is a part of our development. We will get better knowledge and provide solutions to serve our clients’ needs. We will cooperate with new projects and new blockchains such as NEO. We are excited about it.

Can you share with us what companies does Coinfirm work with?

We are interested across the industries. We works with numbers of ICOs, as well as mature products like Quanta, Token Market, also with cryptocurrency like Neo. We also worked with other traditional finance like funds and financial institutions etc. As our reports are required for the on-boarding process for some ICOs occasion.

From now on, will there be more cryptocurrencies taken into account?

What is the standard for determining which currencies to take in?
Yes. It depends on the potential of the cryptocurrency, then it also depends on how complicated the process it take it could be one month to few years to on board a cryptocurrency. As there are more than 200 different scenarios which we mirror in cryptocurrency, then coordinate and analyze the results. The cost depends on how difficult the process is.

What kind of benefits could you offer to the investor(contributors) with your tokens?

Our tokens are the access right to our platform of solutions. We want to build an solution that is transparent to our clients. They can pay by traditional currencies or cryptocurrencies, the token provides a cheaper access to our service platform. Additionally we want to build a network of members or companies who are willing to exchange information between each others, and the contributors are rewarded with tokens.

Can you tell us about AML tokens and how could to use them?

It is an access right to the platform, to the reports and to buy reports. If you are running ICOs, with the tokens you can get discount to the solutions and become a network member.

Any words you would like to say to the your potential token holders worldwide?

You need to believe in the idea we support. We are not overstating who we are. We strongly believe in what we are doing and deliver our promises. We are an existing company with existing solutions, broad network and very good clients who are bringing hundreds and thousands of US Dollars to our company. And the blockchain market changes rapidly, it is very exciting!