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Centrality ICO Sale of USD 100 millions Sold Out in 6 minutes

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Centra utility ICO of (Centrality) was carried out in 15 days of Japan time. According to the report, the start time was before 1:00 pm, but it is considered complete by raising approximately 11.3 billion yen in six minutes.

Centrality is a project that provides a platform using blockchain technology for DApps for distributed apps. The token name used on the Centrality platform is Sens (CENNZ). Apps on the platform are connected automatically using sens. The project aims to create a world where users can easily use apps that are developed and operated on the platform.
The Centrality project consists of 75 members and has offices in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.

http://venturetimes.jp/cryptocurrency/coin/cennz/31913.htm Centrality, the Blockchain-based marketplace platform (project) raised funds of about USD 100 millions via its ICO sale in only 6 minutes today(started around 12:45pm, JST) according to the news report and the project’s SNS.
Centrality provides the marketplace platform for the decentralized apps(DApps) via the blockchain technology with all apps on its platform available for users. Its Token – CENNZ  can be partly used to operate modules/apps in the Centrality platform, referring to its Whitepaper.
Centrality’s project has 75 members across New Zealand, Australia and UK.