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What is Centrality

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Centrality is a decentralized community platform, created by Centrality Investment Ltd. The goal of the Centrality platform is to connect app developers with business entrepreneurs.  Centrality has also introduced strategic development partnerships with SingularDTV, Blockhaus AG, and other top-level companies in the blockchain industry.   
The Centrality platform supports application development at the startup stage. It builds application libraries that can be used to create platforms, services and development, enabling business development of DApps from the ground up. DApps usage is expected to spread in the future and the platform would anticipate the upcoming DApps era. Using our library, developers can access all tools that the platform offers, such as the Centrality platform blockchain, wallet, big data platform etc. The library enables highly efficient DApps development. Start-up entrepreneurs can quickly develop and commercialize applications using our platform.

Case Studies :   

Applications utilizing the Centrality platform are already available on the market, with  rapid increase of users. They quickly accelerate the growth via cooperation with listed firms.
Examples :

1) Skoot : Virtual Travel Experience.

Designed not only for travelers but also for tourism supply chain operators, with related partners like car rental services. They(operators) are able to approach potential new clients via numerous channels.
2) Belong : Non-Monetary Incentive Program for Employees.
Service engine for managing affiliated groups, enabling companies to provide  non- monetary incentives to employees.
3) UShare : On Demand Transportation Application.
Provides a ride-sharing platform for various vehicles such as taxis, car rental and electric cars.
4) Marge : Time Management System
Users can set arrival time and receive notifications for their trips.
5) FeedMi:  Restaurant Search System
Avoids crowded restaurants and offers immediate seating. 
6) SingulaX: Distributed Virtual Currency Trading Platform
Provides a distributed currency trading platform that is resistant to attacks and fraud.   
7) Blockhaus: The World’s Leading Virtual Currency Investment Bank Platform
The Blockhaus consortium was established by MME and SingularDTV – Centrality develops the investment banking technology.
8) Pocketpos: Point Service
Payable with coupons and vouchers/Integrated directly with existing POS system used by retail stores and others.   
9) Aimy: Training Coach
Uses machine learning/Fitness Training Apps – Introducing experts to matched users/Using as measurement for lowered insurance premiums.     
10) Smart City Platform
Various functions for residents to live comfortably in a given ‘Smart City’ –  tourist attractions, ride-share info etc.   
11) Blockeeper: Tax Accounting Application
Corporate tax accounting, integration with accounting software/Operates as a stand-alone bookkeeping service.
CENNZ Token :
CENNZ is used to connect Centrality, developers and application users, and implemented on the Ethernet blockchain.
– the Following scenarios are assumed –   
1. Purchase of modules necessary for application development.
2. Payment to application developers.
3. Provided to users as a point service.
4. In-app purchases.
-CENNZ expects to be sold 840 million, and the volume corresponds to is about 70% of the total 1.2 billion CENNZ tokens.
ICO is scheduled to end on February 15, 2018 (subject to change).   
Proceeds will be used for expenses such as ongoing development and maintenance of Centrality platform and related services to procure up to USD 100 million  (about JPY11 billion) for the above developments:
Development of new platform 63%/Developer support and user acquisition 25%/Expansion of New Zealand office 10%/Miscellaneous 3% 
   -3-year budget forecast is as follows. (in USD)

Year Income Fixed Cost Variable Cost Marketing Total Cash Outflow
2018 3,608,250 4,350,484 28,694,659 18,375,000 51,420,143 ▲47,811,893
2019 17,161,500 5,465,296 42,137,435 14,662,500 62,265,231 ▲45,103,731
2020 56,525,000 6,124,831 47,222,445 4,200,000 57,547,276 ▲1,022,276

Besides ICO, about 240 million CENNZ tokens are scheduled to be issued for protecting  intellectual property rights. The sale of the 240 million CENNZ will not permitted until two years have elapsed after issuance. However, CENNZ holders participating in its ICO will have a restriction on selling (lockup) period of a minimum of 6 weeks.
Centrality Management Team :
Centrality consists of three teams of management, financing and technology development, with a total of 14 members.  
-Chairman: Roger Smith
Roger is an advisory member of Nasdaq listed companies and also serves as CEO of a technology company. He also has an angel investor experience.

-Financial Team: 3 members including Andy Higgs with consulting and financial experience.   
-Technology Development Team: 8 members including Nathan Smith with 20 years of experience in the technology industry.   

1.Raise funds of over JPY10 billion.
2.Funding of around JPY 5 billion per year, used for development and marketing in 2018 and 2019.
3.Full-scale commercialization from 2020.
Centrality aims to provide DApp development services using the Centrality platform. With the spread of applications developed using the Centrality platform, the channels for CENNZ tokens would expect an increase. Centrality’s ICO would be a means of speeding up and improving an already-existing platform, as the platform is already used for numerous active applications. The management team has a proven track record and experience with management, financing and technology development, so users can trust that ICO funds will be handled efficiently and ethically.