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Exclusive Interview with Gamecredits CEO Sergey Sholom in Tokyo

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① GameCredits’ Concept
We have been running our game development studio for 14 years. We know all about this business and industry, from inside out.  Being experts in gaming industry, certainly we are going to apply new technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts and digital asset inside the industry.
I am a professional gamer. I am passionate about gaming and that’s all my life. Right now, I am(we are) very much passionate about changing the things that are wrong in the gaming industry.  So, we will achieve this by these technologies.
②Team Profile
I would say that all 100% of us are passionate gamers. Our team currently has almost 200 people, and 90% of them are developers who works with top technologies such as blockchain and smart contract. These top-tier technologies still need many more things to be developed to work with multi-millions database on a high performance and security level.
We are working with many things together integrated with IBM’s AI Watson. Blockchain is just the last layer in our stock of technologies, which we simply store some information. We do see advantages of blockchain revolution that came not in technology itself, but in the business. Digital assets provide tremendous changes that we have recognized and understood how to apply them. We have already experienced these changes on our own games, and saw how $100 in gaming could become $10,000 just in one year. We want to show this change to everybody and give this opportunity to everyone. This is our mission right now.
③Challenges and Future Strategies
We will fight against existing businesses to compete with them. In addition, we are here to build something new, with absolutely different approach that is unique and extremely powerful.
“GNation” is not a company nor a corporation, but it’s a brand and a name of community. We are uniting all 2.4billion gamers under ideas of GNation.You can get additional benefits such as making money by playing games and being in GNation. Our key message is not blockchain nor smart contract, it’s not GameCredits or MobileGO. But, our key message is, “if you are a gamer, GNation is the place where you can make money.”  The only challenge we encounter is time. Time is the most precious resource. We are constantly entering powerful partnerships in different countries with whom we are going to change this world together. I believe we are pretty fine with that and very soon you will see the outcome.
④Japanese Market
Japan is a crypto paradise. There are many great things here in gaming and crypto. We are excited to start GNation from Japan and then distribute to all over the world.
In GNation with 2.4 billions of gamers, there are no borders, no skin color difference, no language barriers. We all united, we’re all the same when playing games. Game is our common language. GNation’s mission is to prove, if you are gamer, you are successful here. We provide game developers the easy way to enter ecosystem. This is why we establish the strategic partnership with Unity. Our developers and Unity developers are working together to provide game developers with just one-click solution, to have its game distributed from Unity engine directly to GNation ecosystem.
At the end of the day, all we provide is an open ecosystem for everybody to enter. It doesn’t matter if you’re producer or consumer, the doors of GNation are always opened for you.There is only one rule – you enter the system, you make the money but not the platform. That is why GNation is not a company or corporation, but the name of our community. We don’t promote heavily on a particular person, I do not want to be the next Steve Jobs. Instead, all the money and credits should go to game developers and gamers because they deserve it and they need that. And when they understand that, we will get the huge victory and huge disruption in this world.
It’s important to look at the long term. Short-term profit is a nice to have, but at the end of the day, the utmost question is what are you going to do with this profit. We could understand why governments are so strict recently, because they do not see good examples of how crypto and blockchain could be utilized. These technology can help to run a better business and better life for people. We are demonstrating it now. We hope to set the best example so other companies will start to follow. It’s not about money, it’s about what you do with this money. Our goal is to make the world a better place.