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TokenNews Read by Philippines Crypto-Fans

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TokenNews, a Hong-Kong based ICO news media, joined the crypto-currency conference”CRYPTOCURRENCY SYMPOSIUM” in Manila in last week.
The event had a speech session on “How, Why, What & When to Invest in Cryptocurrency” by TokenNews President Yuya Sugiura.
The number of attendees in this event was around 250.
TokenNews was named as one of the “Reliable ICO information tools”, several attendees noted during the event.
TokenNews covers on various types of viable ICO projects and trends in the cryptocurrency markets primarily in APAC, and, the company’s business also includes ICO consulting service.  “We will further expand our ICO business with a primary focus on APAC area as a first step, via consulting, events, and media,” Sugiura said.
This news service recently reported on the Philippines’ blockchain-based financial service platform HERO Capital Market Platform(HCMP). HCMP, operated by the Philippine-based online pawnshop operator PawnHero Pawnshop Philippines backed by Alibaba and SoftBank.