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MyBit Plans Cancelling Additional Tokensale

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MyBit(MYB), an Ethereum blockchain-based distributed application platform operator for investing in Internet of Things(IoT) space, would not plan its phase-2 token sale, while holding the issuing right,as its project target would be achievable in 2020  without additional funds, according to the recent announcement posted in its blog.
While MyBit had a pre sale in Q3 2017, it initially supposed to launch a second sale of  2.2 m tokens to expand its platform’s development and business functions  in Q2/Q3 this year, per its website information.   
“MyBit’s Alpha platform goes live in early Q2 2018, MyBit’s Founder Ian Worral said,adding that we are planning to launch a mobile application for users  to view MyBit asset portfolio (of IOT investments) via Google Play and App Store by this year end. ”  
Chief Marketing Officer Joost Toorend has newly joined to MyBit team, and “ we will start our marketing events globally around this summer,” Worral noted.   
MyBit still has an access to a reserve of its 400k tokens, only if it may need an additional funding to achieve its project goal likely in 2020.
MYB has its market cap of about USD 19m, with its unit price is USD 6.70,as of February 23.    
by Genta Nakanishi