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Lykke Exchange to list Coinfirm’s AMLT

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  • AMLT to list on Lykke from 28 February
  • Over 30 currencies are available and VALID will be next in April   

Lykke Exchange has newly added Coinfirm’s AMLT token into its tradable asset list since late last month, according to its recent announcement. Lykke’s current tradable cryptocurrencies include Lykke coins, Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin.    
While the UK-based regulation-tech provider Coinfirm is known for blockchain-based anti-money laundering(AML) and counter-terrorism financing(CTF) platform operator, Lykke’s primary business has ICO platform, Wallet development, along with Exchange operation in the cryptocurrency space as a regulation-tech firm.    
Lykke’s Founder and CEO Richard Olsen was cited as saying that it would be great to have Coinfirm’s AMLT into our Exchange’s tradable list, given its quality, along with the   highest compliance standard.
Lykke Exchange handles over 30 coins, including major ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum , and Litecoion, as of March 2018, and it would also add VALID(VLD) coin, developed by Switzerland-based Procivis, from this April, in addition to AMLT, per its announcements.
Lykke is based in Switzerland.