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What is PlayCoin(PLY)

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PlayCoin is a cryptocurrency used in a blockchain-based platform for mobile games  GameHub. Users include game developers, media companies, and game users.
GameHub’s main business area is in Southeast Asia and provides various services and system for game creators and media firms, including advertisement reward system. SME game developers as well as media firms, along with consumers are among GameHub’s main users. GameHubs, with 400 influencers, would expect 4m DL in China and South East Asia. Game Hubs would also provide rewards(PlayCoin) to its users for posting ads on its platform.
①PlayCoin (PLY) Outline:
   -1 PLY = 0.33 USD-Total Issuance 1 billion PLY
   -Token Sale   100 million PLY (10% of the total)
   -Price 1 PLY = 0.33 USD
   -Issuer GameHub Corporation Limited (Hong Kong)
   -Available Currencies QTUM, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)
   -Bonus 15% (for pre-sales participants)
*Tokens will be distributed to internal stakeholders or GameHub users, except for pre-sale.
 GameHub users are able to gain PlayCoin via the process below.
① Using (GameHub) marketing system
② When Marketing becomes effective and profitable
③ Based on User’s evaluation
④ Users can obtain Coins via SNS
②Technology :
Using Qtum platform for reasons as below.
① Compatibility with Ethernet
② Hybrid technology with security and extensibility
③ Social Mining via Master Contract *
④ Security via the Qtum Ethereum community
* Unlike major BTC/Ethereum Mining with a computer calculation, Social Mining would help users gain cryptocurrencies via using services. PlayCoin is categorised into the private blockchain, instead of the public blockchain via bitcoins..  
 Bitmex/Kakao Path/KTB Global & KTB Solution/Others
Launching the virtual currency exchange Bitmex, in addition to the platform operation of the virtual currency exchange in Southeast Asia region.
Kakao Path:
Indonesia-based SNS Developer, with over 10m MAU, backed by South Korea-based Kakao. Partnerships primarily on the payment methods.
KTB Global & KTB Solution:
Biometric Solution Company. The co-development of electronic wallet for Play Coin to reduce hacking risks.
④ICO Overview:
-1st  Presale  15 Nov-14 Dec 2017
-2nd Presale  15 Jan-10 Feb  2018 (Global), 15 Feb-31 Mar  (Tokyo)
Min. Contribution
→ USD100  (QTML, Ethereum, Bitcoin)
Max. Contribution
→ USD 1 m (QTML, Ethereum, Bitcoin)
Lock-Up: 120 days after listing (Founder&Advisor)
  -1st  Presale → 10~15%
 -2nd Presale → Free AirDrop
Exchanges: 3 or more in Korea and Overseas
   -35% → Infrastructure Investment
   -20% → Support for Game Creators
   -15% → R & D
   -15% → Marketing
   -10% → Others