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What is Wowoo

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  • Overview
  • WWB Token
  • ICO
  • Team

-Wowoo Pte.Ltd. (Singapore)
WWB  Issuer and Wowoo platform operator to provide operator services, system development, and consulting services for users.
-The Wowoo Foundation (Switzerland)
Wowoo Pte.Ltd’s management organization to supervise tokens and others.
-Users can vote on the best answer after receiving responses. In return, the respondent can receive payment in cryptocurrency.
-Wowoo operators issue tokens with voting rights; users can purchase tokens by paying cryptocurrency.
Case Studies:
– Partnership with the listed Japanese Q&A site operator OKWAVE.  
– OKWAVE distributes WWB token to users for free. The respondents at OKWAVE’s Q&A site is able to receive rewards, depending on the voting results.
WWB Token:
– WWB owners can vote on the result of respondents.  Owners can also get”lottery” rights after voting.
– WWB owners not only have voting rights, but also purchase products or services made by value providers at discounted prices on the Wowoo platform.
        Total Token Supply: 1,111,111,111 WWB
        Payments accepted for the Token Sale: NEO, GAS
        Price per WWB: 0.01NEO or 0.04GAS
        Minimum Contribution: 200 WWB
        Maximum Contribution: 10m WWB        
  – Proceeds: 34% development costs, 31% marketing costs, 20% preparation funds, 11% operation costs.
-Lock-Up(Founding Members):  
Available for selling up to 20% of the holding WWB tokens on the market after the token sale ends. The remaining is restricted for 6 months after its token sale starts.
Fujimaru Nichols
Augustin Vidovic  
President&Founder, OKWAVE,
Kanetou Kanemoto
Executive Vice President, OKWAVE,
Michio Fukuda
Chief Block Chain Officer, OKWAVE,   * President since July 2018 
Gen Matsuda
– Council members include OKWAVE ‘s board members, including Founder Kanetou Kanemoto.
– Designed with minimal restrictions for various commercial applications.
-”Steam” among similar projects. Users can receive Steem rewards when posting articles to  Steemit.com blog.