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PlayCoin to Reach Hard Cap by Token Sale

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  • Hard Cap was set as USD33m
  • Aiming at listing on more than 3 Crypto-Exchanges by year-end

PlayCoin(PLY) announced that its ICO global token sale has been completed, according to its official blog.
While the volume of its token allotment for ICO has been stated as 100 million PLY(USD 33m-Hard Cap)  , which is a 10% of its total, the proceeds could be used for infrastructure investments, R&D and related purposes per its white paper.
PLY is aiming at listing on more than 3 Exchanges in South Korea and overseas in this year, according to the published documents.
PlayCoin is a cryptocurrency used in a blockchain-based platform for mobile games GameHub and it would seek innovating the gaming and digital markets for a further expansion.