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Lisk, April Meetup in US and UK

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  • 1st Meetup in Seattle.
  • SVK Crypto’s Founder as a guest speaker in London.

Lisk, a listed DApps-based cryptocurrency, will organise its first meetup in Seattle and London.   
Jan Liz-Fonts, Lisk’s Community manager, will attend as a speaker at the Seattle’s event , while focusing on the Lisk Eco-System and Blockchain Technology. The meetup will start at 18:30(PDT) on 9th April.   
In London, Lisk will talk on its latest news as well as the Lisk Academy, with an open Q&A. SVK Crypto’s Founder Shane V. Kehoe will also attend as a guest speaker with his speech on “How far along are we with blockchain adoption?” SVK Crypto is a London-based cryptocurrency investment fund. The London meetup will also start at 18:30 (local time) on 18th April.   

Meanwhile, Lisk had its Meetup event in Tokyo in late last month. Lisk CEO Max Kordek held a presentation on its introduction, recent re-launch events in February,  Japan business, and future plans during its Tokyo meetup.