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Lykke to Add Zcash,Blackmoon and Viberate for Trading List

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New Listings:

  • Zcash(ZEC)
  • Blackmoon(BMC) and Viberate(VIB)
  • Quanta Network Token Utility (QNTU)  in May.

Switzerland-based blockchain business company Lykke announced that its Exchange added Zcash(ZEC) token into its trading list.
Zcash is known as a decentralized and open source cryptocurrency, aiming to bring the anonymous transactions, along with the privacy by using the cryptography technology.  
Lykke’s Founder and CEO was cited as saying that  Zcash is meeting various challenges such as privacy concerns in the current crypto industry.  
The Lykke’s community members will be able to buy and sell ZEC tokens directly from the Lykke Wallet mobile application. The transactions will take place on the Zcash blockchain, which is anonymous and secure.
Zcash, which is also trading on other crypto Exchanges such as HitBTC and Binance, has a market cap of about USD 680m.  
In addition to ZEC, other tokens such as Blackmoon(BMC) and Viberate(VIB) have been also newly added to Lykke’s Exchange for trading from early this month.
Meanwhile, Lykke Exchange will also list the Isle of Man-based regulated lottery project operator Quanta’s token Quanta Network Token Utility (QNTU) on its board likely on 16 May.