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HelloGold, HGT Token Burns per Milestone Achievement

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  • Milestone Achievement  as  The Number of Customers
  • Milestone Achievement  as  Assets Under Management(AUM)

HelloGold, an Ethereum-based and gold-backed project, announced the burning of its HGT token per its milestone achievement, according to its latest blog.
The Malaysian-based project stated that HGT will be burned, based on the number of customers and Assets Under Management(AUM) .
While the total supply amount of HGT token is 1 billion, its active holder is currently more than 16,000, according to its whitepaper and blog.
HGT, listing on major crypto Exchanges such as HitBTC and Gatecoin, currently has a market cap of about USD 8m.
 Customers:                                                                                                     AUM:     
 50mill customers                            – 10 million HGT(Burned) –            50,000 kg                 
 10mill customers                           – 10 million HGT(Burned)-              10,000 kg
  1mill  customers                           – 10 million HGT(Burned) –              1,000 kg
 500k customers                            – 10 million HGT (Burned)-                 500 kg    
 100k customers                            – 10 million HGT (Burned) –                100 kg