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Lykke to List Bitcoin Cash(BCH) and Dash(DASH) in April

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  • Bitcoin Cash(BCH)  and Dash(DASH)
  • Lucyd(LCD), Datum(DAT) and Mothership(MSP)

Switzerland-based blockchain business company Lykke recently announced that its Exchange has added major listed cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash(BCH) and Dash(DASH) as its tradable currencies.
Bitcoin Cash, hard-forked from bitcoin(BTC) in last August, is known for having its block size at 8 MB, eight times the size of the BTC block, for the speedy transaction. Bitcoin Cash also announced its hard-fork in this May to make its block size at 32 MB, according to the media reports.   
Dash,one of the oldest and most popular cryptocurrencies, is renowned for its instantaneous, anonymous transactions and decentralized autonomous organization.Lykke Founder and CEO Richard Olsen was cited as saying that Dash’s addition to the Exchange would be a piece of history.
While Bitcoin Cash has its market cap of about USD 23bn, Dash has its market cap of about USD4bn.
Meanwhile, other cryptocurrencies such as Lucyd(LCD), Datum(DAT), and Mothership(MSP) are also tradable, via BTC and ETH, at the Lykke Exchange since this month.