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PlayCoin(PLY) to List on Taiwan’s CobinHood, with Airdrops

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  • at 8:00 (GMT +8) on April 27
  • with Airdrop Events

PlayCoin’s project operator GameHub has signed the collaboration agreement with Taiwan-based cryptocurrency Exchange CobinHood for listing its token on board, according to the media reports.
Airdrop events would be also scheduled.
PlayCoin is the blockchain project for gaming and digital assets and its token is named as PLY.   
PLY’s debut on CobinHood will be at 8:00(GMT +8) on April 27.  
PlayCoin’s CEO Dennis Kim was cited as saying that PlayCoin would plan to list more exchanges starting from CobinHood, adding that the project would maximize the  profitability for games and influencers.
CobinHood has an independent asset protection security service and it is the first “Zero-transaction fee” cryptocurrency exchange. Users may have more benefits via the transaction.
Meanwhile, PlayCoin announced the partnership with Qbao Network, the payment gateway, for the game portal management and payments in this February.