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MBK to Launch ICO Consulting Business, Planning Token Issuance

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●ICO Consulting via New Subsidiary
●Issuing MBK Coin for ICO among Plans
MBK, a listed Japanese boutique merchant banking service company, announced that the Tokyo-based firm would establish a wholly-owned subsidiary MBK Blockchain for ICO consulting business to companies in Japan.
While aiming at expanding the blockchain-related business as well as ICO consulting business, the JPY 10bn(USD93m) market cap firm would also plan issuing its original cryptocurrency MBK Coin. Its token would be linked with MBK’s existing services in real estate and medical space.
Meanwhile, MBK already acquired a minority stake in the FSA-registered Tokyo-based cryptocurrency Exchange BTCBOX in March 2017 to gain a business know-how in the cryptocurrency space, and the company would seek a further business partnership with various blockchain and cryptocurrency business companies.
MBK expects to post group sales of about JPY2.2bn for the year ending in March 2018.