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Overview:KINGS Project

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Project Background:

The KINGS Project, designed by Hong Kong Sky King International Investment Ltd., is a project which aims at introducing virtual currency into a real-world payment infrastructure.People around the world are suspicious and even negative about virtual currency for the name itself “virtual” or the speculative booms of recent years. This project is introduced to blow up these negative perception about virtual currency by making it an actual payment infrastructure.

Main Features:

①Speedy transaction and stable infrastructure
The KINGS Project utilizes Ethereum as well as off-chain technology, and achieves blocktime average about 15 seconds while Bitcoin’s is about 10 minutes. Additionally, technologies such as Plasma and Raiden Network enables the processing of up to several tens of thousands to several hundred million transactions per second. Furthermore, Ethereum makes the infrastructure more stable.
② Offline usage and payment technology
The KINGS Project combines off-chain Plasma layer technology and IC card technology. This way, payments will be possible even in the environment where the internet connection is not available. The Project, meanwhile, provides its IC-card technological know-how to TiENPAY, the payment service provider for mobile digital wallets, as a part of strategic alliance. TiENPAY is known for expanding its settlement and clearance system business globally in the POS register space as one instance.
③ No volatility risks
While increasing the price of KINGS itself, the project creates peg-coins and promote distribution, also release it to the public as a platform.

ICO Details:

・Symbol: KNG
・Blockchain: ERC-20
・Currency type: Utility token
・Total number of tokens issued: 40,000,000,000 KNG
・Token sale price: To be announced


・2018/2/1~2018/5/31: Private Presale
・2018/6/1~: Crowd Sale and Project Launch