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Tezos, Tokyo-Meetups in April・May

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  • Meetups in Tokyo – April 26/ May 8
  • Presentaion by Co-Founder Arthur Breitman   

Tezos, a decentralised platform specialised in blockchain governance, had its meetup events in Tokyo in April 26 and May.
Tezos’ Co-Founder and ex-GS analyst  Arthur Breitman made a speech on Tezos as well as industry updates, with keywords, including governance, hard-soft forks,and  smart-contract among others during its April event.
The total number of attendees during the April meetup was around 100.  
Meanwhile, Tezos also held the networking event in early this month.     
Tezos’ next Tokyo meetup will be held in June 5, 2018.  
In July 2017, Tezos raised about USD230m via ICO.