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Wowoo’s WWB to List on Bit-Z since May 15

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  • WWB on Bit-Z- May 15, 2018
  • WWB under the Token Bonus Campaign Preparation    

Wowoo’s WWB token has listed on Bit-Z Exchange on May 15, according to the recent announcements.
BTC and ETH are available for WWB trading on Bit-Z board.
Wowoo develops the blockchain-based service platform “Wowoo Platform” for Wowee(Wee) who asks any answers or solutions, and Wower (Wer)  who provides the best answers or solutions (to Wowee) , per its white paper. WWB is the token used in Wowoo Platform.
Bit-Z is a cryptocurrency exchange with users of both Chinese and English speaking area. The exchange is also known for providing a very low charges for its users for trading, preferred by worldwide altcoin traders.
Meanwhile, Wowoo is under the preparation of a token bonus campaign with the planned distribution of as much as 400K WWB.