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Bodhi to Use Qtum

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  • Bodhi as the decentralized prediction market platform
  • BOT as Bodhi’s Digital Token

Bodhi, the decentralized prediction market platform, has deployed a live beta on the Qtum mainnet, according to the media reports.
Qtum’s Founder Patrick Dai was cited as saying that it was an excitement to have Bodhi on the Qtum mainnet, while looking forward to many more projects following.
Bodhi’s Founder Xiahong Lin was cited as saying that Bodhi has a fully-decentralized blockchain application for the public use.
Bodhi’s digital token is named as BOT and the Bodhi platform incentivizes BOT holders to participate in the voting process.
Bodhi’s decentralized prediction market has the benefit of increasing participation and significantly lowering fees, compared to traditional prediction market systems.
Qtum(QTUM), listing on Exchanges such as Binance and Bithumb, has its market cap of about USD1.8bn.