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NEO, Monthly Report (April) -Excerpt

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  • Various Events in Europe, Asia and US   
  • Building Development Community in South Africa ( from May)

In April, NEO had a number of events in Europe, Asia, and US, listed as below.
April Events:
-April 2-3: Malcolm Lerider keynote speaker at TÜBİTAK BİLGEM 1st National Blockchain Workshop 2018 – Ankara
-April 4: NEOnight with Nathan Chen and Kris Zeng – Shanghai.
-April 11: NEL Developer Night – Shanghai
-April 12: NEO Tokyo Meetup & Workshop
-April 13-15: NEOxQRC Global Hackathon – Tokyo
-April 14: Feng Da Sun presenting at Blockchain Insurance Innovation Contest, Fudan University – Shanghai
-April 14 -15: Gopher China Conference – Shanghai
-April 14 -15: NEO Amsterdam Summit & Hackathon
-April 17: NEO Lisbon Meetup & Workshop
-April 18: NEO attended Berkeley Blockchain Career Fair
-April 19 NEO San Francisco Meetup
-April 20: NEO Madrid Meetup & Workshop
-April 20-22: NEO sponsoring Startup Salad Hackathon, Feng Da Sun participated as judge
-April 21: Nathan Chen presenting at 2018 China Developer Relations Conference – Suzhou
-April 22: NEO Paris Meetup & Workshop
-April 24: NEO Vienna Meetup & Workshop
-April 26: NEO Zurich Meetup & Workshop
The team would start to grow its development community in South Africa in this month.  
NEO, which is listing on major cryptocurrency Exchanges such as Binance and  OKEx, has a market cap of about USD50bn.
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