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Infinito Wallet is The First Universal Wallet Supporting EOS MainNet – Press Release

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We have another exciting news for you: Infinito Wallet will support the EOS MainNet Token Swap from 7th June, 2018. Getting involved into EOS is important for all of us simply because it is on the way to become a new power among the titans of the blockchain world.

I/ Key Points About EOS,  Mainnet And Mainnet Launching

1/ Why EOS Matters?

EOS is a decentralized platform that allows anyone to create, store, and execute blockchain-based applications (dApps) on its system. What makes EOS standout from its class is the ability to resolve weaknesses of recent blockchain-based systems like transaction speed and scalability.

Indeed, EOS has its unique mechanism named parallel execution and asynchronous communication methodology. It separates all modules related to dApps operation to prevent congestion during times of high traffic. More specifically, all transactions can be executed at the same time without having to wait for their turn. It is estimated that EOS can execute around 300,000 transactions per second and this is a huge difference compared to that of Ethereum (5.2 transactions per second).

Amazingly, EOS model eliminates transaction fees and developers do not need to pay any cost to run their applications on EOS platform.
2/ What Is Mainnet In General?

To put it simply, a mainnet is the official version of a blockchain. In details, it enables digital currency to be transferred between senders and recipients and perform pre-default tasks. A mainnet works because it already passed necessary trials on a testnet. Imagine that testnest is for testing and mainnet is for operating the “end product”.

3/ What Is A Mainnet Launching?

Launching of mainnet is making the blockchain available for the masses. In the EOS’ case, its mainnet launching means that individuals and businesses can now start to develop, host and execute any decentralized apps and conduct transactions on the EOS plattform.

II/ Infinito Wallet’s Support Plan

1/ What Is Infinito Wallet Going To Offer?

For the end users who already conducted EOS registration, you can now rest assured that your new tokens are transferable on the new EOS mainnet. As usual, Infinito Wallet takes care of all technical requirements and end users don’t need to do anything.

2/ What Does This Means?

Your ERC20 tokens are safe within Infinito Wallet as long as you have conducted EOS registration. There is no need to care about wallet mapping, single or dual private key mode. Just take convenience for granted! Now you are able to continue pursuing your profits with EOS’ rich potential mainnet. And this is just another act following our assistant solutions such as preparing for BCH hard fork or adding three new features to support ICO investment. The more we support our end users, the more we feel proud and  believe in the building trust model that we have selected.


Infinito Wallet’s team known that end-users are highly interested in EOS and we came up with solutions to support end users as much as possible. Soaking into EOS with Infinito Wallet’s aid, end users will set foot into a rich potential ecosystem that may bring more profits and priceless experience of blockchain world to them.