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MyToken: Aiming at Leading Crypto Market Data Provider  -②

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MyToken, a China-based blockchain platform operator for crypto market information, was interviewed by TokenNews on its strength and future strategies, along with the project overview.
My Token’s MT is currently listed on Exchanges such as CoinTiger and CoinBene.           


  • MyToken Overview
  • Market Outlook (Crypto Information Industry)


  • Users’ Demand, with Blockchain Potentials 
  • Strength


  • ICO Market
  • Future  


MyToken is one-stop crypto platform that provides global cryptocurrency, real-time tickers, chart, data analysis such as ranking, ratings, portfolio and global industry news. The platform  focuses on application providing aggregated crypto market information across exchanges. MyToken aims to build a healthy cryptocurrency investing platform to provide investors with the most objective data, information and tools helping them to gain in-depth understanding of the blockchain industry and projects. The China-based platform has more than a million active users.
MyToken aims at creating a new ecosystem for the cryptocurrency investment via the decentralized technology.
Product Innovation would include :
-Aggregate Trading, Connection to cryptocurrency Exchanges under legal premises.
-Overseas Platform, Connection  to blockchain projects to create effective fundraising.  
-Dapp Store, Promotion of Blockchain Projects to attract community members.
-UGC System, Gather Contributors to Join the ecosystem.
My Token has been translated into Japanese, Korean, English languages. The regional focus is on Asia including Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore.
More languages will be available in Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese, at the end of the year.  

 Crypto Market Outlook

A large number of altcoins have been seen appears in the crypto market in last year.  Everyone or investors are keen to the most updating news on the cryptocurrencies.
There are a lot of investment tools,as the market needs a rapid change for crypto  information data tools. In the past, investors use its tools just to check the price and data. However, given the advanced demand by users, the crypto information market currently focuses on how to attract more traffic while keeping products update in order to satisfy their needs.
MyToken is aiming at improving its tool as one-stop platform with everything in an easy way, while using its MT token as a core system.

Users’ Demand with Blockchain Potentials  

MyToken is aiming at reducing investment costs and build a healthy investing ecosystem while trying to meet various demands, including localization, data analysis among others,   by global users.

Blockchain solutions are not yet mainstream, but already making a big impact as the technology is highly disruptive in the banking and general financial services sector. Blockchain will be applied towards many telecom and computing problems for the benefit of many industry verticals.


MyToken’s strength as below :
-Diversity, Integrates thousands of tokens with hundreds of exchanges
-Speed, speedy market and news update
-MyToken Wallet, Asset Management of Cryptocurrencies in different Exchange
-Unique Category Function, Assorting trend-based projects for Users