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Quanta: Hong Kong Meetup -League of Blocks, June

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  • Speech on Blockchain Technology behind Quanta Project
  • Singapore after Hong Kong

Quanta, the Isle of Man-based regulated lottery project operator, was taken place in Hong Kong, according to its telegram site.
Qunata’s World Tour, or League of Blocks, would go through 30 countries over 4 continents from April to August this year. Hong Kong was the 4th destination in the Asia region. The project has organised its Asian meetup in Tokyo, Taipei, and Seoul.   
The tour aimed at introducing the blockchain technology behind Quanta’s products, along with the regulatory aspects.
Quanta’s marketing team shared on how the project has become the world’s first fully compliant blockchain lottery, with an expected transparency in the regulatory aspects of lottery.
Quanta also organised its Asian event in Singapore after Hong Kong event.
Quanta, which reached its Telegram members over 20,000, has listed its QNTU token on Lykke Exchange on May 16, and listed it on Hong-Kong based cryptocurrency Exchange Bit-Z.   

  • ブロックチェーン応用部分
  • 次はシンガポール

クオンタが参加するミートアップ世界ツアーの名称はLeague of Blocks。ツアー期間は今年4月から8月まで。計30カ国を訪問する日程となっている。
League of Blocksは、クオンタ・プロジェクトで応用されているブロックチェーン技術および規制動向などについて周知させることが主な目的。