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NEO-Ontology: Planning Joint Task Force

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  • Joint Task Force
  • API Standardization

NEO Foundation(NEO) and Ontology Foundation(Ontology) plans forming a joint task force with a value of CNY 4m(USD 650K), according to its announcement.
NEO and Ontology has previously signed Memorandum of Understanding for the business and technology partnership.
The joint task force would focus on developing API standardization, building opened Smart Contract, and innovating cross-chain technology.
The joint task force would seek further collaboration on the layer development for the blockchain protocol and application*.
Senior blockchain developers, including Weng Junjie, Tan Yuan, and Peter Lin, will join in the joint task force members, along with core developers from NEO and Ontology, which is made up of over 10 members.  
* Tasks in the following 6 months :   

  • API Standardization

  1) To standardize the data APIs and network protocols on the NEO & Ontology protocol layers, in order to build the cornerstone of a shared mega ecosystem;
  2) To provide standardized APIs and to share some part of SDKs and development tools on both networks to make the development environment more user-friendly for app developers;
  3) To explore and realize multiple use-cases of crypto-algorithms  on blockchain;
  4) To standardize address encoding and to make Neo & Ontology networks more friendly to end-users.

  • A Shared Ecosystem of Smart Contract

  1) To adopt NeoVM as the only platform to run smart contract;
  2) To propose a standardized SYSCALL rule for namespace, enabling the cross-chain deployment of smart contracts;
  3) R&D on highly-efficient Native contract mechanism;
  4) To develop a GO compiler and its development environment applicable to NeoVM.