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NEO, Monthly Report (May) -Excerpt ②

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●Da Hongfei in Brussels for Expo Participation   
●NEO-ONT for the business and technological partnership in MoU
●NEO Global Development Team in South America
●Market Activities in Summary
NEO Founder Da Hongfei and related representatives visited the European Parliament in Brussels to participate in the first Smart Economy Expo, with the goal of promoting technical education regarding blockchain technology and its benefits to economy and social welfare.
NEO Foundation (NEO) and Ontology Foundation (ONT) publicly announced a MoU on strategy and technology integration. The goal is to allow NEO dApps to provide a whole blockchain ecosystem for private and public blockchains.
NEO Global Development(NGD) also made its first trip to South America to connect with the local community and gain insights in the regional market. Malcolm Lerider gave a keynote speech at Blockchain Summit Latam, where Fernando Diaz (Shargon) also held a workshop. Brazilian development community members Vitor Coelho and Igor Coelho joined the event to assist the Blockchain Summit Latam Hackathon.
NGD and NEO Global Capital moved into the new office near Onchain and Ontology, to allow a further team expansion and easier collaboration.
May Events :  
-May 1st: Announcement and open registration for NEO Blockchain Game Development Contest: http://neo.game/index-English.html
-May 2nd – 3rd: Smart Economy Expo, European Parliament, Brussels
-May 8th: NEO Night at Fudan University Blockchain Association, Shanghai
-May 8th- 9th: Blockchain Summit Latam, Santiago
-May 8th- 9th: BSL Hackathon, Santiago
-May 12th: NEO + ITS Meetup, Rio de Janeiro
-May 14th: NEO Meetup, Sao Paulo
-May 18th: NEO Blockchain Game Competition Meetup, Shanghai
-May 20th: NEO Warsaw Meetup
-May 21st: NEO Gdansk Meetup
-May 22nd- 23rd: Infoshare speech and workshop
-May 22nd: Blockchain Industry Innovation Forum, Shanghai
-May 26th: NEO Blockchain Programming Day – Smart Contract development in Python
Event Site :  https://neo.org/event
For further details : https://neo.org/blog/details/4086