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Blockchain Adoption: AI for Medical Industry -GANA Technologies UPDATE

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  • GANA in Medical Industry
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Green and Nature Association Technologies(GANA) , an Estonia-based blockchain project, would provide an optimized narrow artificial intelligence (ANI) solution for individuals and researchers in the medical industry.

GANA currently develops a mobile application which has a smart digital personal assistance for patients, along with the data collection for AI training.

Global conglomerates such as IBM, Google and NVIDIA has just started to work on medical ANI solution, given the demand for the diagnosis accuracy and qualified medical services, due to the stress, pollution and aging.  

ANI would be able to process vast amount of records and search patterns, which would help medical industry into the new era.       

While ANI can be adopted into personalised or tailored medicine, it can be also used for the early detection of diseases and abnormalities to conduct a best treatment.      

GANA would use the latest blockchain and AI technologies  to , insecure the learning process transparency, along with the user data, collected from GANA’s mobile application. Users in the medical industry would include medical institutes, patients, researchers, drug producers and distributors, which would provide a sufficiently large amount of diverse data to minimize chances of bias.

GANA’s mobile apps would be also used in various business industries, including lifestyle, and the blockchain-based project for data management would have a keen interest on cannabis market of legalised geographical regions such as parts of US-states further to expand its technology for users, including consumers and suppliers.    
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