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2 Million PASS Tokens via Airdrop: Claim Yours Now with Infinito Wallet! -Press Release UPDATE

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How to register for free PASS tokens with Infinito Wallet

Step 1: Click on the “Claim Airdrop Now” banner.
Step 2: Read our Airdrop Disclaimer and tap “I understand and agree” to proceed.
Step 3: Press “Claim”.
Step 4: Input your email address, confirm the information displayed, and tap “Submit” to complete.
Step 5: To learn about the mandatory Blockpass KYC procedure, click on the link provided.
*Note: Blockpass mandates that you must whitelist your wallet with their mobile app to transfer your PASS tokens. Please refer to the following link for a step-by-step user guide to activating PASS tokens.

Who is Blockpass?

Blockpass is a KYC identity application for bringing the blockchain industry into compliance and mainstream, available on iOS and Android. As a self-sovereign identity platform, Blockpass users can establish, verify, store and manage their identities, maintaining full control over all data involved. With an initial focus on human identity, Blockpass will provide a reliable and cost-effective Know-Your-Customer (“KYC”) and Anti-Money-Laundering (“AML”) service for regulated industries, blockchain merchants and service providers.
The goal of Blockpass IDN is global realization of identity for the Internet of Everything. Through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, Blockpass is a production-ready Regtech platform offering shared regulatory and compliance services for humans, businesses, objects and devices. As this identity system supports verification of humans (KYC), objects (KYO) and connected devices (KYD), it will enable the development of new applications that rely on a trusted connection between human, corporate, and device identities. Registered in Hong Kong, Blockpass IDN is a joint venture of Infinity Blockchain Labs and Chain of Things. Blockpass IDN licenses its technology from the non-profit Blockpass Foundation, registered in the Isle of Man.
As a blockchain-based project, Blockpass has been continuously and stably evolving its product and community. Seeing that a token’s value directly correlates to the development of its foundation project, PASS token holders (as well as those interested in it) are undoubtedly confident in this token’s future rise in value. With the universal Infinito Wallet, users can harness the fruits of crypto innovation as well as securely accumulating and storing an ever-growing list of airdrop tokens along with various other crypto assets. Seize the opportunity and join Blockpass’ PASS Token Airdrop today with Infinito Wallet!
Get in touch with Infinito Wallet and Blockpass via our respective Telegram groups for more information as well as further support!