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HK International New Economic Research Institute Capital Banquet in July

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Hong Kong International New Economic Research Institute Capital Banquet, organised by Higgs Capital and Pingan Securities, was taken place at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong in early July.
The Hong Kong International New Economic Research Institute is a resource integrated services institution, which is cross-sectoral, cross-industry and cross-regional. The institute has established a local fintech supervision mechanism, making remarkable progress in predicting potential financial risks to ensure the development of fintech industry in a healthy and orderly manner.
Higgs Capital, specialises in early blockchain incubation development, is aiming at becoming a global new economic investment bank via integrating industry resources in traditional finance and blockchain, along with connecting the traditional capital market and digital currency market.
Listed on HKEX, Pingan Securities (0231.HK) is licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong to conduct various regulated financial service activities.
An event topic “Classic·New Economic” was covered during the discussion for the development of new and traditional capital, blockchain regulatory standards, the fusion application of blockchain, and the Internet.
The event had new economic pioneers and traditional finance industrial figures, including  Higgs Capital CEO Ophelia Lee, Higgs Capital Adviser Pauline Xu, Future X Capital Founding Partner Cynthia Zhang, Zhongtai Financial International CEO Lv Taojiang, among others.
Ophelia Lee delivered a keynote speech by saying that Higgs Capital has made remarkable progress within a short period by integrating new and traditional capital resources and business layout to form the cross-industry platform.
Pauline Xu talked over how blockchain technology would apply to digital assets and the potentials of the blockchain market.

“Blockchain is developing significantly in recent years, with more surprises that new technology ecosystem would bring us, ” Cynthia Zhang added during the event.   

The number of attendees had over 40.