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Infinito Wallet: The Wait Is Over – You Can Now View and Export Your Private Keys with Infinito Wallet! -Press Release UPDATE

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Our team at Infinito Wallet has heard your feedback and is thrilled to announce our support for Private Key Export with version update 1.11.0 by popular demand! Starting from 20th July 2018, users of the universal Infinito Wallet can, at their convenience, start viewing and exporting private keys of all their chosen blockchains supported by our wallet, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, NEO, Dash, Dogecoin, and more to come on our roadmap. Though your Infinito Wallet passphrase has always been with you, this step is a necessity for users who wish to use specific coins’ private keys for personal purposes, such as accessing and using decentralized exchanges and applications.
Public and Private Keys – What Is The Significance?
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For the activation of every blockchain, a unique Public-Private key pair, consisting of sequences of randomized characters, is generated. Public Key, as the name suggests, is the “public” part of the key pair. It is your own publicized address to which others send crypto funds, functioning similarly to your mailing address. Conversely, Private Key serves as the “ticket” that allows users to access and spend their funds. It is of paramount importance, therefore, that users keep their private keys safe from unauthorized access to protect their assets.
From the moment you create your wallet, Infinito Wallet uses your chosen wallet password to encrypt all of your private keys as an instantaneous one-time process, serving as the outermost layer of security. As Private Key is the “key” to users’ access and usage of their funds, by allowing users to view and export them, Infinito Wallet grants you absolute autonomy to freely manage multiple blockchain assets, the essentials of a true universal cryptocurrency wallet.
Infinito Wallet Now Supports Private Key Export!
As always, we have streamlined this much-requested procedure as much as possible for all end users. Please follow these simple steps outlined below

Step 1: Toggle the “Menu”.
Step 2: Select “Security”.
Step 3: Tap “Show Private Key”.

Step 4: Read our disclaimer and Press “Understood” to proceed.
Step 5: Input your wallet password and tap “Next”.
Step 6: Select your specific platform.
Step 7: You can now view your specific blockchain key pair and export your Private Key.
With just a few quick and easy steps, users can now view their blockchain-specific key pairs and export their private keys with Infinito Wallet. This has been a long-requested feature from our user community and Infinito Wallet is proud to finally fulfill this popular demand!
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Additionally, Infinito Wallet also plan to support Staking/Unstaking and Buying/Selling RAM on EOS via our next version update on the 25th of July as well as adding support for the rising platform, Cardano, in early August. Please stay tuned and follow our growing Telegram community to stay up-to-date with all our latest news and development!