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Private Blockchain Event -Busan, South Korea UPDATE

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LucidCrypto.com, a cryptocurrency investment firm, and Babeldog, a crypto consulting company, organised a private yacht party for its international investors in Busan, South Korea. 
The event was held on July 20 in line with the blockchain week in South Korea, started from July 16.  
Earlier that day, the international delegation of crypto entrepreneurs, including Ms. Senoo of VRES, a VR sports company on an ICO track, was joined by the blockchain and innovation initiatives chiefs of the city KIM BYOUNG GI and SJ Choo.
The incoming Mayor, Gordon Oh, is known to be planning blockchain initiatives for the leading Asian port city.
Busan, a second largest South Korean city, is also known as a growing crypto city, with a positive view on the blockchain business, agreed by an industry source.
Busan would be a highly potent blockchain hub among Asian cities”, Lucid Crypto’s Managing Partner Sammy Ahn said. Lucid Crypto has a global crypto investor community network in Asia, US, and Europe. “Speed and Globalization would be a primary key to gain a success as a blockchain project, he added. 
Ahn also led the discussion on the need for a crypto co-working space in Busan.
Module Token, a Hong-Kong based blockchain project for P2P data-storage, with a scheme of Proof-of-Space-Time-and-Transaction (PoSTT), delivered a presentation during the event.
The number of Asian crypto investors are still growing, Module Token’s Project Manager Toshiki Tashiro said, adding that they would be still a key player in ICO.       
The event was held in a 76 Feet luxury yacht, and the number of guests were around 80.   
by Genta Nakanishi