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Blockchain Business Community(BBC) Meetup: Token Economy No.2 Payment UPDATE

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  • Token Economy No.2 -Payment
  • Presentation on Blockchain in terms of Regulation , along with Overview on BitRabbit Exchange 

Blockchain Business Community(BBC), a Japan-based study group with a primary focus on the blockchain’s business adoption, organised its meetup in Tokyo on July 24.
BBC’s previous event “Token Economy No.1 -Utility Token” was held in early last month.      
BBC’s research team made a speech on Payment in Cryptocurrency during the July event.
DMM Bitcoin CEO Hitoshi Taguchi attended as a guest speaker.
Cryptocurrency would still have potentials as a social infrastructure like E-commerce via having a further social trust, along with a technological update, Taguchi said during his speech.
(Dr.)Katt Gu, Director Emeritus at Asia-Pacific Blockchain Association, also talked updates on blockchain and cryptocurrency and its geographical markets, along with technology, in terms of legislation and regulation. Working as an advisor at Strategic Coin, Gu is responsible for clients from Taiwan Government and Malta Government. She is also a legal advisor at Dimension Chain.   
Registered in Australia, BitRabbit crypto Exchange also made a presentation on the overview, along with its Asian business strategy.
The number of attendees was about 90.
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by Genta Nakanishi