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JBC Tokyo 2018  -UPDATE 3

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    • Over 100 Exhibitors
  • Centrality and EOS

Japan Blockchain Conference(JBC) Tokyo 2018 was taken place at Tokyo International Forum in late last month.
Japan’s SBI Holdings CEO Yoshitaka Kitao made a keynote speech with a title on The Challenge of SBI Holdings with the Blockchain Revolution.
JBC had 100 experts and exhibitors, along with  a total visitor of 10,000 during the event.
Meanwhile, major blockchain projects such as Centrality and EOS participated in the event as an exhibitor.
Centrality, the decentralized community platform operator, recently announced a partnership with Asian companies such as Japan-based IoT company Jasmy and China-based consumer powerhouse Infinvison, according to its latest blog.
A spokesperson said that Centrality has received a number of approaches and would be open to discussions with any companies for a further partnership if they have a shared vision on the de-centralized scheme.
Centrality’s token CENNZ has become available for trading on major crypto Exchange HitBTC, in addition to Cryptopia.  
Brian Mehler of Block.one’s EOS VC venture capital arm was also on stage. He gave a speech introducing the EOS VC intiative, which provides capital investment to projects building with the EOSIO blockchain software.
EOS VC is open to investing in all EOSIO-based projects, and does not limit investments to specific sectors or industries, Mehler added.
Block.one, publisher of the blockchain software protocol EOSIO, through EOS VC has established a US$200 million joint venture fund with EOS Global, led by blockchain veterans Michael Cao and Winnie Liu. EOS Global is focused on making strategic investments in Asia-based projects that utilize EOSIO, according to an April announcement. EOS Global is based in Hong Kong.
EOS, which has a market cap of approximately US$7.1 billion, is trading on major crypto exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex and Bithumb.
General Incorporated Association Global Blockchain Council organised JBC event.
Japanese blockchain market would expect further potentials, along with a growing public trust, a source at the Council said.
JBC 2019 will be also planned to be taken place at Pacifico Yokohama- Kanagawa in 30-31 January 2019, according to its published documents.