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Centrality:,June Update (Excerpt)  Update1

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Centrality(CENNZ), the decentralized community platform operator, announced the monthly progress of its core projects in June.
Core Services :
-CentraPay, like Apple Pay, is under the integration process with POS systems and Instagram.
-Singlesource , working on the new Mobile application, and this was  demonstrated at Japan’s Blockchain Conference(JBC) in late last month.  
-SingularX worked on AIRDROP and a new set of APIs for market makers.
-BlockHaus TGE APP was upgraded with version 2.0 with lots of improvements to user experience, security and functionality.
-Sylo released an update with Japanese Language Support and implemented the final stage of decentralisation.
Centrality’s token is CENNZ.
CENNZ is trading on Cryptopia Crypto Exchange.
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