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Infinito Wallet : FREE EOS Account Name with Infinito Wallet -Press Release Excerpt

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In response to the overwhelmingly positive response to our first campaign, the universal Infinito Wallet is thrilled to announce that we will be organizing a SECOND round of FREE Account Name Registration for EOS users, also on a first-come, first serve basis! Slated for launch sometime between the 6th to 9th of August 2018 with 1300 EOS as the budget, this campaign’s primary goal is to support users who missed our offer the first time around! Therefore, the official kick-off time will be announced first and foremost on Infinito Wallet’s official Telegram group.
Click HERE to join our Telegram group.
This Telegram group serves as our main channel of communication where Infinito team share news on development progress and upcoming feature updates/events as well as providing prompt support for any user queries. So, join Infinito Wallet’s Telegram group to be the first to join this exciting campaign!
Register Your FREE EOS Account Name NOW with Just Three Easy Steps!
Just like our first campaign, users only need to follow the three easy steps outlined below to register their EOS Account Name free of charge:

Step 1: On the wallet dashboard, click “FREE Registration” next to the EOS coin logo to initiate the registration process.
Step 2: An “Information” tab will appear, briefly explaining about why you should register your EOS account as well as an EOS FAQ. Press “Next” to proceed.
Step 3: In the “Register” window, input your Account Name and tap “Register” to complete the process.
Note: EOS mandates that you can only choose an account name consisting of exactly 12 letters ranging from A to Z and/or numbers from 1 to 5 (“12345” and “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz”).
Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD APP (Android or iOS) or update to latest version.
Another good news for EOS user who register free account with Infinito team is that the universal wallet will support users from the first campaign who have issues with resources  on their account. At the time of the first FREE EOS Account Name Registration campaign in early July, the Infinito Team distributed our funds per account at base following the resource pricing back then, giving each account just enough EOS in NET and CPU balances for about two transactions. However, the prices of EOS CPU and NET bandwidths has fluctuated a lot since then and as a result, users may not be able to make transactions with our preset fund distribution when ram price is peaking high. To help those registered users, Infinito Team will grant users more NET/CPU enough to buy more RAM or stake more EOS. Send an message to our email support@infinitowallet.io and provide us with your EOS account name. Infinito’s specialists will review and deposit more EOS to your NET/CPU/RAM balances to help. This extra offer will only last until 09th Aug. please be hurry.
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