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M2O: Private Meetup -August, Tokyo UPDATE

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M2O, a blockchain-based mileage platform project, organised a private meetup event in Tokyo.
The meetup was taken place in early August and 20 guests were invited.
The market scale in mileage point industry is roughly USD 2trn, and the project is aiming at integrating and connecting mileage in one platform, M2O wallet, via its blockchain technology for using various point services.
M2O’s token name is M2O Pay.
M2O token holders will be able to use membership services and integrated point services, provided by M2O partners such as credit card companies , according to its published documents.    
M2O CEO Henry Kim said, “the project is currently in ICO process and M2O is going to seek listing on crypto Exchanges in Hong Kong and Dubai in this year for the further expansion, “ during his presentation. Airdrop campaign via Android device will be planned, he added. 
Meanwhile, M2O project is in the technological partnership with the global IT firm Oracle.
Networking lunch was also taken place after the presentation.  
by Genta Nakanishi