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Blockchain Adoption in Artificial Intelligence(A.I.)③ -ATN

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A.I. Technology Network (ATN), a listed blockchain platform operator for artificial intelligence(A.I.) developers and users, was interviewed by Token News on the blockchain in A.I., along with the project’s overview and future plans.          
Blockchain has been used to various technology field, including A.I. to generate newly competitive projects, given the gained popularity of cryptocurrency since late last year.
While the large number of blockchain-based projects has been trying hard to adopt the blockchain into A.I. to develop various platforms, projects which            
meet user’s demand such as technology and services would only have a success, according to ATN’s Marketing Director Hope Fan.
A.I. technology has improved a certain level of big data management.
However, the data exchange between different users(or companies), via using A.I. , has been still limited. So, the decentralised blockchain technology would be necessary for A.I.’s future development, according to the ATN’s white paper.        
ATN’s blockchain project develops Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) marketplace, which would enable to share data, AI algorithms, and applications among users via ATN token, Fan said, adding that the platform would be used by various industries such as healthcare and manufacturing.     
ATN project plans to launch its mainnet platform around by early next year and the project, which already has a market presence in China and Singapore,would expand its business in Japan, South Korea, and North America, Fan added.
ATN is aiming at become a global hub for A.I. service for sharing, exchange, and development.
ATN token is now trading at various crypto Echnages such as HotBit and BigOne.   
by Genta Nakanishi