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BBC Meetup: Token Economy No.3 – August 22

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Blockchain Business Community(BBC), a Japan-based study group with a primary focus on the blockchain’s business adoption, will organise its meetup in Shibuya Tokyo on August 22.
BBC’s previous event “Token Economy No.1 -Payment” was held in late last month.      
While Waseda’s Researcher Jack Xie will make a speech on Research Security Token, Bengo4.com’s Attroney Yoshikazu Tagami will also speak on Regulation on Cryptocurrency.
Finbook.co’s Financial Engineer Xiao Bo Weng(CFA) will talk on Cryptocurrency Volatility Management.
Date: August 22, 2018 (Wed) 19: 00 – 21:30  *Net Working Party from 20:30-
Venue: The Millennials Shibuya/  https://www.themillennials.jp/
Registration :  https://peatix.com/

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