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BBC Meetup: Token Economy No.3

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Blockchain Business Community(BBC), a Japan-based study group with a primary focus on the blockchain’s business adoption, had its 3rd meetup in Shibuya Tokyo in late August.
BBC’s previous event “Token Economy No.1 -Payment” was held in late last month.      
While Waseda’s Researcher Jack Xie made a speech on Research Security Token, Bengo4.com’s Attroney Yoshikazu Tagami also spoke on Regulation on Cryptocurrency.
Finbook.co’s Financial Engineer Xiao Bo Weng(CFA) talked on Cryptocurrency Volatility Management.
eMusic’s CFO Michael Juskiewicz presented on the upcoming launch of a blockchain-based music distribution and payments platform.
As a digital music pioneer, eMusic is the first major music service to embrace blockchain, and aims to use decentralized distribution to remove inefficiencies and better reward artists and fans.
Networking Event was also taken place after the presentation by guests.
The number of total attendees was about 100.
by Genta Nakanishi