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BlockBen’s BlockStock Gained Innovative Product 2018 Award at Block Network OÜ -CoinAdvice

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Cryptocurrency Expo was taken place at Marina Bay Sands Singapore in early August, according to CoinAdvice.
BlockBen’s BlockStock cryptocurrency has been awarded with “Innovative Product 2018 Award”
“It is a great honor to have received this Innovative Product 2018 Award. I would like to thank the organizers for such recognition and admire our team for all the hard work they have contributed to achieving this success” – said Viktor Bodnar – CEO of Blockben.
“Such recognition just proves, that when good ideas team up with diverse teams and hard work, opportunities become reality, and new, interesting things are born” the CEO continued.
“We had heaps of decisions to make right from inception – and it appears we have chosen the right track – but still a very long way to go” Mr. Bodnar continued.
BlockStock is a unique asset that comprises all the relevant advantages of both Utility and Security cryptocurrencies. Gold-backing gives a desired level of stability while the unlimited growth potential of the gold backing is secured by the platform’s business model. BlockStock also has a key role in transaction validation: every single transaction executed in the blockchain system is validated by a smart contract linked to BlockStocks.
BlockBen is a comprehensive platform that provides access to a privileged enterprise blockchain technology and enables software development on it, as well as on our other related technologies. BlockBen serves as a database, virtual wallet, and infrastructure at the same time. Besides, it executes transaction validations and smart contracts.
“Our platform is kind of like the enterprise version the Etherium. All the gaps we saw in existing platforms raised the questions why not develop our own?” Mr. Bodnar replied when asked why to develop a whole new platform.
The greatest value of the BlockBen platform is the possibility to add an unlimited number of newly created assets/cryptocurrencies.
BlockBen is a platform provided by Block Network OÜ, an Estonian (member of the European Union) registered company emphasizing ethical and compliant operations under applicable law. (Licence Number FRK000069 Republic of Estonia). We have valuable references in the field of IT, finance and fintech development, innovation and in complex project management.
Contact: Viktor.bodnar@blockben.com
www.blockstock.gold  www.blockben.com