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Kit Token, Utility * Organic Growth * Sharing ーCoinAdvice

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“The robust platform is literally staunch to establish a healthy financial ecosystem based on particularly imperative standard functions of ETHEREUM- ERC20 blockchain technology, SHA-256 and high level solidity code which carries steadfast potential to solve the problem of global remittance with its definite and secure environment while validating transactions and simultaneously securely adding the new blocks by counterattacking the fraudulent activities on the coin,” according to KitToken CEO Amir Mohamed.
KitTokens modus operandi is to provide P2P capabilities, incentive bonus amongst KitToken holders by connecting individuals, merchants, and the entire ecosystem of fintech with its fast, reliable, and low- fee transactions process.
KitToken ICO was launched on July 20, 2018, in World Blockchain Summit, Marina Bay Sands. Sales of 3.5 billion KITs have been brisk from corporations and expected sales of 2.5 billion KIT to 3 major corporations with an ICO price USD 0.05 will be completed before ICO ends on Aug 20, 2018.
KitToken is really a utility token which is not mined but POS and while using smart-contracts it is validating and protecting certain issues apropos of the distribution, freezing, and ownership of tokens which cannot be invalidated or changed by the company or by any individual holders.
The well-organized methodical platform is monitored by experienced and visionary professionals aspiring to create a crypto platform known as KitPay® by making a strong community of KitToken.
The KitPay® Wallet is a cross-platform wallet, enabling users to store KitToken® and allow transactions such as transfer of tokens, monitor balance, transaction history, secured payments in a centralized KitPay®; eco-system within a decentralized blockchain platform. KitPay® system is protected by firewalls and cyber security protection and implementation of Know Your Customer (KYC).
Being a utility token, KitPay shall allow fast, secured cross-border transfer of funds where daily transactions of 550 million KITs will be used for this purpose. KitPay will be released by Sept. 2018 to make KIT a utility asset. KIT will be listed on IQFINEX.
After Aug 10th, 2018, a 20% bonus would begiven to KIT buyers. KitRemit is also another product which will allow the liquidation of KIT at its point of sales.
To purchase KIT online, log-on to Telegram and make payments via credit cards, Paypal and other cryptocurrencies supported by KitPay including BTC, ETH, CAS, XLM.
The 3 major corporations have over 7 million potential daily KIT users residing in Malaysia, from its foreign workers, association members and its business partners. KitPay will be the best payment gateway to allow merchants to receive payments without any complications despite its complex network.
By the end of Aug 2018, 2 DIY Laundry Services, flagship outlets of KitToken Inc. will be rolled out. The outlets are called DoBee Laundromat and will have 100 outlets within the next 12 months.
KitToken® Inc. headquartered in Singapore is aiming at nurturing the global financial ecosystem with its progressive approach in the digital payment wallet and remittance platform.
Company Name : Kittoken
Website : https://kittoken.net/
Contact : Mohd Taufik Abdullah, CMO
Email : taufik@kittoken.net
Mobile : +60-102816425