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Infinito Team Speaks 2018 Token News Conference in Manila, Philippines -Press Release

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Infinito Wallet was privileged to speak at the 2018 Token News Conference in the Philippines for the first time on August 27th. This event was organized by Token News HK Ltd. to announce their official launch of Token News office in Manila, the Philippines. Here, prominent speakers from Infinito Wallet, Quanta, Unaity, Coincome, Angelium, Mining Data Lab, and AAC shared knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as well as their benefits and potentials for real-world application to the Philippines community.
With high-class content from industry experts and the grand introduction of 7 blockchain projects, the conference attracted over 1000 attendees from all over the globe.

Infinito Project Director Jack Thang Nguyen introduced outstanding business-oriented as well as consumer-oriented services provided by Infinito Wallet. For crypto users, we are operating a free community wallet, Infinito Wallet. It is the world-leading universal wallet for token holders to store and manage an extensive range of crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, NEO, Litecoin, GAS, Dash, ETC, and Dogecoin along with ERC20, NEP-5, and EOS tokens. For developers and businesses, we are providing Infinito Module Platform as a service for dApps and blockchain services. This allows for blockchain API and SDK services along with module development as well as integration. On top of these valuable services, Infinito offers White Label solutions for wallet and ICO Sales Platform.
Jack also spent time sharing with the media the various benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With Infinito Ecosystem, our vision is to enable blockchain mass adoption for business and consumers.

Additionally, Product Marketing Leader Ellena Ki represented Infinito Team to share details on Token Verification, ICO Tab, and Wallet Connection – wonderful features of our wallet that can be of service to both ICO companies and end users. Token Verification enables  investors to connect to the exact ICO company of their investment by scanning a special QR Code to enable the ICO’s official token, marked by Infinito’s Verisign insignia. Meanwhile, ICO Tab provides investors with official information and instructions to safely invest using Infinito Wallet to avoid transferring their funds to incorrect or fraudulent addresses. Finally, Wallet Connection is a feature that allows users of Infinito Wallet to conveniently make payments to supported third-party exchanges, dApps, and blockchain services. Users can also save the recipient’s address in the wallet, ready for use anytime in the future.
Our team travelled to the Philippines to share Infinito value with the blockchain industry, made possible by business-oriented as well as consumer-oriented services and features, accessible via Infinito Wallet as the heart of Infinito Ecosystem. We will continue to bring more exciting news and value to crypto community, both businesses and users. Please follow us on Infinito Wallet’s official Telegram group to know all the latest updates on development progress and events as well as receiving quick support from our team!